Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful because....

1) I have an official end date to my current duties as a piano teacher. HALLELUJAH!!!!

2) The wind is blowing like mad so the boys can't play outside. Therefore, I don't have to worry about sweeping and mopping tonight! I'm going to purchase a runner, much larger than the current doormat, to help keep my sanity and hopefully hide the little dusty foot prints on that part of the floor!

3) I purchased a pack n play/bassinet for Jenna Beth to sleep in so at least she has some place to sleep for now. I need to take it out of the box and assemble it. I hope it's easier to assemble than the storage thing I put together last night.

4) The boys got Easter Baskets from the Bailey's today so I don't have to feel like a slack mom because I've not started that project! I'll just add some to theirs and the boys will never know the difference. At some point I guess I'll hide eggs in the house and check that box, too. Thanks Dad, Ginger and Bethany!

5) My house is semi clean (minus my bedroom) which is about the only positive thing that's been happening on Thursdays here.

6) Tomorrow is mostly a day off - Good Friday - and I'm already devising my personal plans.

7) I'm hopeful that I'll get to talk to my dear husband tonight or at least chat with him or something. I'm not holding my breath because you never know what's going to happen in the Middle East.

8) The Tarheels won the National Championship on Monday. Bailey enjoyed watching them win the National Championship on my lap for the 2nd time in his short life. I'll have 2 children who were born in a year when the Tarheels have won a National Championship game. Do you think I'll ever need to remember those years for a trivia answer or something?

9) The fish are still alive and are living in a tank that looks a little more like the lake every day.

10) Thursday = CSI!
Need I say more?

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