Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The weather here is supposed to start getting ugly - as in windy - starting tonight, I think, at least that's what I remember the weather man saying yesterday. This afternoon I spent outside cleaning up bird poop off of everything! and I do mean everything! I wanted it to get done before the wind came and it got put off another week. I haven't let the boys go in the backyard in quite a while because I don't want them playing in bird poop.

The birds have decided that the top of level of the playground is a good gathering place and while they gather, they poop! It was absolutely disgusting and I didn't realize how gross it was until about a month ago. Today I donned some rubber gloves, turned the water hose nozzle to the most powerful setting and went to spraying. I had to climb up into the playground to get all of it. I'm sure I was a sight! I even mopped some of it out and am now soaking my mop in bleach. It's gotta mop all the dirt tracks off the kitchen floor in a few minutes. It's never worked so hard in its life.

I put one of those hideous plastic owl things in the upper part of the playground hoping it will scare the birds away. I think they're absolutely tacky so I put it inside so when they land and see his big scary yellow eyes staring at them they'll leave - at least that's the plan. If this doesn't work, I'm not sure what I'll do to keep the birds away. Some have suggested a shotgun, but that'll never happen on my watch. Do you have any keep the birds away suggestions?

Now the children can go enjoy their backyard again and I might get some sun on my legs while I'm out there attempting to relax and referree at the same time. Doing both is an impossible task!

The children got in trouble in the bathtub tonight so both had to go to bed early. Amazingly they were both asleep by 8pm! I'm not sure that's ever happened here. This may become the new 'normal,' at least on nights when it's feasible.

Off to clean other parts of this disaster area. I miss my cleaning lady!


Grammy said...

how much do legal cleaning ladies charge?

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, I hate bird poop! We had to break down and buy the plastic owl, too. It's tacky but it has helped a little. We had a huge bird poop problem on our balcony, we potted huge ugly cactuses out there and that has helped too.

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