Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Boys' Introduction

The boys got to wait 24 hours before they came to see Jenna Beth in the hospital. I've learned lately that too much transition and change in one day is not good for Bailey. He had already been wisked out of bed by someone he doesn't know very well. Spent the early morning hours and day with a friend (a wonderful friend and true blessing) and then back home to Grammy and no mommy! Coming to meet Jenna Beth would've been overload!

So here are their first moments with their sister.


Anonymous said...

Sooo sweet. They are going to be great big brothers. She's a lucky girl! Keep the pics coming (in your free time HAHA!). I love seeing the little peanuts!


Pegsy said...

That was so precious! It was cute how they had to "identify" with her by comparing body parts!

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