Monday, June 1, 2009

Sibling Time

Many mornings lately, the boys have come downstairs to find Jenna Beth lying in the boppy on my bed. This particular morning, Maverick decided he would join her. I'm sure he's watching Handy Manny or something and she's just curious.A few mornings later or maybe even the next morning, Bailey decided he would join their little party. The boys are very attached to their blankets and Thomas pillows. I just thought these were cute pictures. Someday they may not all 3 fit on my bed or want to lay this close to each other. I'll treasure these peaceful, sweet times as long as I can!


Grammy said...

I see that Brody is still hanging around with Maverick. I found a third Duck book on Amazon. I'll have to get it for them.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet sight. Thanks for sharing.


Pegsy said...

Tis true...they do get to the point where they don't want to be so close together anymore! Those are very cute pictures! Glad you're enjoying some precious moments!

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