Thursday, July 9, 2009


I should've done this much sooner than now, but hindsight is always 20/20, right?

I'm having a virtual bow party at
Bows2Cute! You can join the party until midnight tonight! Enter the code PARTY102 on the left hand side of the page where it says "Enter Coupon Code" for a 15% discount on every bow! You have to do that first to get the discount and to give me credit for your purchase.

I got bows that my mom and I ordered for Jenna Beth today. I ordered mine before the party started and am looking forward to using my discount to get some more super cute bows. The clips are lined with felt and stay very securely in her super fine baby hair. Nikki says her prices are great, too.

Here's what we got this time around.
Yes, this is an Auburn Bow! Mom found it in the clearance section. I somehow missed it.
Poor thing won't ever be able to leave the house without a bow in her hair now!


Shannon G. Preece said...

That is the right attitude, never leave home without a bow!!

Nikki said...

I can't wait to get mine!! I need to go online and order several of those bow holders, the great price of 9 bucks each is UNHEARD of in the cutesy specialty shoppes around here. Talk soon!! I'll put up a picture of mine when I get them. I got a shipping confirmation today, so it should be soon, yeah!

Emily Jennings said...

SO CUTE! I ordered some too!

Grammy said...

For some reason the bow makes her look older!! I just saw her a few days ago and she looks completely different in these pictures. The bows are very cute and the prices were good (especially since I started in the clearance section).

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