Monday, July 6, 2009

Maverick Monday

Don't let his cuteness deceive you has become my new catch phrase when talking about Maverick. He has hit the absolute worst terrible twos stage imaginable. He's cold and hot, night and day, Jeckyl and Hyde when it comes to the balance of good and bad in his little life. He can be the sweetest loving little boy one minute and sink his sharp teeth into you the next!

Most days just changing a diaper with him is a fight. Today he got an incident report at the CDC because he bit another little boy. Jaden to be exact. He knows exactly what he did and I've tried to talk to him all night about being nice to his friends so we'll see what happens tomorrow. I hope he's not on his way to being dismissed permanently from the CDC!

This bottom picture is him being so worn out from throwing a fit over me not giving him any chocolate milk because there wasn't an ounce of milk in the house! He sat on the kitchen floor crying and screaming and sleeping all at the same time. Eventually he gave up the ghost and turned to his side and went to sleep. The story doesn't really end there, but I don't want to relive those moments at the FBC church parking lot again if I don't have to!

So next time you see Top Gun on the TV (it's been on alot lately), say a prayer for my little Maverick that he'll get it and he'll not fly his mother to the dangerzone!


Grammy said...

He can be my wing man anytime. lol

Nikki said...

I feel the need, the need for speed!

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