Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday Makes A Comeback

My blogging motivation wanes from day to day, doesn't it?
Today may be (don't hold me to it) the return of Thankful Thursdays so here we go....
Ten Things I'm Thankful For Today

1) Bailey and Maverick both ate manwich tonight. I have almost gotten to the point of not offering Bailey new foods because it's so frustrating to continue to waste food he refuses to eat. I tried to give him manwich a few nights ago and he refused. Tonight he didn't think it was so bad.

2) Jenna Beth has the sweetest smile that always reminds me that life isn't really all that bad.

3) I ran 2 miles on the treadmill last night. That's the longest I've run since 2003!

4) Less than a week and LT will be home! Yippee Skippee!!

5) I have a brand new windshield on the van. Thanks in part to Maverick's rock throwing ability. He'll have to come up with at least 1 semester hour of college tuition on his own to cover the cost of having it replaced.

Duck Duck Goose in El Paso got my first contribution today. They have lots of cute stuff and I'm not as overwhelmed by their prices as I thought I would be.

7) It's been raining here and I love it! The average annual rainfall for El Paso is only 8.65 inches. Rain is a treat.

8) The boys love playing in the driveway and it always brings out their imaginations.

9) Survivor is set to DVR tonight. I think I'll score brownie points with the hubs for that one. He can watch it in person next week. and the next week.

10) My house is a wreck and there's not much I can do to keep it clean with these 3 so I've sort of given up. Que sera, sera! I do have a housecleaner who comes every other week so it's clean 2 days of every month!

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Jenny said...

Wow. You definitely have tons going on with two precocious toddlers and that sweet baby girl. I am praying for you Jen. And I don't mean it in that, sounds like you can't handle it kinda of way, but in the "I sure admire her forging ahead and delighting in her blessing that's it encouraging to me" kinda of way.

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