Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Wade Family Vacation - #3

We've been stung...We've been historic...Now it's time for FUN, at least for the 4 and under crowd!

Day 3 of our vacay found us Sea World Bound!

We arrived shortly after the gates opened - - cashed in our voucher for our free tickets and headed to bag inspection. Bailey thought he needed to take everything out of his backpack piece by piece to show the inspector. I made the mistake of putting my stuff in his bag, too, so I had to intervene quickly before my spare 'drawls' ended up out in the open for everyone to see! Bailey was very proud of his soccer ball underwear. Thankfully the bag checker just smiled.

We made our first bathroom trip, attempted to get acquainted with the map and headed off to see Shamu! The boys enjoyed the show and just sat wide eyed throughout the whole thing.

This is Jenna Beth saying "I want to see Shamu!"

Their favorite part of the day had to be the Shamu Express Rollercoaster! That's all they talked about after they rode it. It's just a little rollercoaster for little kids and Maverick was actually a couple of inches too short, but the nice worker let him ride any way. The park wasn't very crowded so they rode over and over and over! We even had to hit it one last time before we headed to shut the water park down. That's them in the 3rd car from the back in their red shirts. I'm sure they're grinning ear to ear!

We knew we had to end the day with the water park because if we started there, we never would've seen or done anything else! We began at a small splash park and after a little while decided to go check on other things that the boys could do. There was a decent sized slide that Bailey was tall enough to do. As soon as he had his life vest on, he was off - all by himself - to get in line. I think he cut the first time, but daddy intervened to make sure he waited his turn. He rode it over and over and over again!

LT attempted to take Maverick down it and it ended in a catastrophe! Maverick knocked LT's glasses off his face as they landed in the water at the end. I could see it coming a mile away! The glasses were gone for a while and were eventually found - mangled and with a lens missing. This wouldn't be such a big deal, but LT can't see much without them. I'm glad this was the end of the day because I'm not sure I would've wanted to be seen with him wearing his mangled, one lens glasses for the rest of the day!

We started packing it up about the time the water park was closing for the year. Bailey was not happy about that and proceeded let us know his true feelings in quite the undignified way! After clothes were changed, we began our trek back to the car. The children were quite worn out by this point in the day and everyone wanted to be carried. I tried to help the situation by letting Maverick sit on the handles of the stroller, but he's apparently too heavy for this sort of thing and we turned the stroller over with Jenna Beth strapped in it! Thankfully, she unphased by that whole ordeal.

Sea World is so different than when I went there as a middle school or high school kid and thought it was BORING! I don't think the park had been open very long when we went so that might explain some of it.

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