Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Wade Family Vacation - #2

Following the scorpion incident, we were more than happy to just lay around on Saturday. So we did! We spent a good deal of the morning and early afternoon just hanging out watching Disney and college football. We also did our best to settle into our great, new, scorpion free house! In our rush to get everything from one house to the other, we didn't put away our groceries and found our ice cream treats melted on the counter. The expensive ones had to be tossed, but of course the cheapies could be salvaged. Isn't that how it always worked?

Our afternoon plans included the Alamo and a ride on the river and whatever other child friendly entertainment we could come up with. Little did we know, we were choosing to go downtown the same weekend they have some sort of street festival. It wasn't overly crowded, but the kids got balloons handed to them which became a source of frustration and as is always the case with helium balloons, one went sailing into the blue sky never to be held again. Drama!

We knocked the Alamo off first and have our token Alamo pictures.

We didn't go inside and just walked around the outer portions of the building. The males got their pictures taken on a tree right next to a sign that says 'do not climb this tree.' Classic!

I thought I was going to have to fish Bailey out of a coy pond on a few occasions.
You can tell we were really focusing on the history of the Alamo! I'm sure the history teacher in LT came out a few times and he informed the boys of some historical fact, but much like my history classes in school I didn't pay attention or write it down because I knew it wasn't going to show up on a test.

After the Alamo was checked off the list, we went searching for the San Antonio Children's Museum. We started walking the wrong direction and had to turn around. About 100 feet from the entrance to the museum, we were handed our dreadful balloons! The staff at the museum confiscated them from us for our time in the museum. Thankfully, the boys were so distracted by this great interactive ball exhibit that they didn't pay too much attention to the loss of their balloons.

Bailey would've played in the balls the rest of the afternoon, but we at least had to walk around and see what else there was.

We pretended to drive a bull dozer, fly a plane, made big bubbles and various other things. It really is a great kid's museum and had to drag Bailey out kicking and screaming.

Jenna Beth just enjoyed hanging out drinking and watching all the action. She was a super cool trooper for this little excursion!Upon our exit we retrieved our balloons and set off to get dinner and take a ride on the river. Not 2 minutes out the door, Maverick let go of his balloon! Yikes. Good thing Jenna Beth wasn't too concerned about the balloons so we could give hers to him. After watching boats pass by as we ate dinner at Chili's at the Rivercenter Mall, we prepped to board our boat.

We were apparently riding at prime time because we got packed on our little boat like sardines! Everyone enjoyed the ride and were surprisingly quite polite to the boat driver who gave us a history lesson as we rode the river. I don't remember the boat ride being so historic in nature, but I guess the last time I rode a boat, I was a teenager and was probably scoping out the cute guys along the way. And remember, I only pay attention to historical things if it's going to be on a test!

By the end of the ride, we were all pretty pooped and ready to head back to scorpion-free land! After being annoyed by the balloons attached the stroller on our way through the River Center Mall to the parking garage, LT took matters into his own hands and put a hole in one of them before we got in the car. The other was destroyed shortly after getting back to the house.

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Nikki said...

Okay, it hasn't been that long ago that I was a regular at Babie-R-Us. What in the heck is that tube thing coming from her bottle??

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