Monday, September 28, 2009

The Wade Family Vacation - #1

We are currently on our first every family vacation where our main destination wasn't a visit to family, even though that will happen after our 4 days in San Antonio. This trip has been mostly a comedy of errors and wacky events. I told LT the other day that this is very reminiscent of the Griswolds of
National Lampoon's Vacation. Thankfully we've not had a relative die and no one's tied a dog to our bumper, yet!

We started off our trip around 7am MST. Within an hour we had already stopped once for snacks and a potty break! An hour or so later, we stopped again at a gas station that was one of those places you only stop if you're desperate! The bathroom was disgusting and the sign over the sink read 'non potable water.' One of my tasks was to clean out JB's bottle, but that didn't happen. We have enough bottled waters with us to last a few weeks so I had to use one of them to rinse out her bottle.

A few hours later on I-10 S our E, we prayed our way into a gas station in Ozona. Ozona is obviously a very small town and the locals can spot a traveller a mile off, or at least across the old fashioned, non pay at the pump gas pumps. The local who talked to LT compared driving 80 mph on I10 to flying! I just laughed inside the car because if we were flying we wouldn't have been at this gas station and I wouldn't be sore from climbing in and out of my seat to help the little people in the bag stay content.

When you rent a house online, all you see is the house, not the houses' surroundings! We pulled into the neighborhood where the house was and it was overgrown with weeds where the builder had obviously not been able to afford to finish the project! There were only about 20 houses complete in the whole neighborhood. It was a little sketchy from my perspective. I've seen a few too many CSI episodes to not think the neighbors knew we were out of towners. I could only think suspiciou thoughts. I know it's terrible, isn't it?

When we opened the door to this house in the incomplete neighborhood, we were greeted by a scorpion! I stepped on it about 10 times to make sure it was dead and then sent it for a swim down the toilet. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be our last encounter with a scorpion! As we were getting the boys to lay down in their room, I went to lay with them for a few minutes. Maverick insisted on laying in the same bed as Bailey so I went and got under the covers of the other twin bed. Within seconds, I was stung by a scorpion. I jumped out of that bed screaming and moving as quickly as I could out of that room. I sat on the couch for a second and noticed a tiny baby scorpion on my sleeve. LT was quickly on the phone negotiating with the property manager and owner to get us out of that house. There's no way I could sleep in that house knowing my babies could be stung by a scorpion. From my very fast scorpion research, I knew a sting to their little bodies could be much more dangerous than one to my big body.

The property manager had another house that we could move into for our stay here. It's much nicer and in a more convenient location. So at 10pm we were packing the car and kids to head to our new house. After arriving at our new house, we realized that LT left his wallet at the other house. So we got the keys to the new house and went back to the old house to get his wallet. In the mean time, my mouth started feeling funny and my lips were tingling. (all symptoms of a scorpion sting) We stopped at a gas station to get some benadryl and that seemed to help. By midnight, we were finally all in bed and nixing our Sea World plans for Saturday.

Believe me, the saga will continue!


Shannon P. said...

I wish I had not read this right before bed, I feel all itchy like something may be crawling on me!! Hopefully in the years to come the scorpion bite will make the trip even more memorable! We all miss you (especially Rainey) and hope you have a safe trip home.

Nikki said...

Oh My Lord!!!! Jesus name!

Jen Dub-ya said...

so did the saga continue??? I hope it was filled with starbucks and phrases like, "Yes, your daddy will do that for you." =) Love you, girl. Glad you got vacay!

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