Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Musings

10 days ago we had a yard sale or garage sale, whatever term you want to call it. We were awakened by a knock on the interior garage door at 6:30am that day! Some how the exterior garage door had been left open all night so I opened the door to about 5 people already in my garage pilfering through our stuff! The very first sale of the day was a $90 sale that consisted of patio furniture, an armoire and a few random pots and pans. The guys that made the purchase left and said they'd be back later to pick their stuff up. 10 days later - - - that stuff is still in the garage!

I have all kinds of conspiracy theories going through my mind about why they've never showed up to get the furniture. None of which I can prove! We have no way to get in touch with these people. They have no way to get in touch with us other than to just come and knock on the door. It's the oddest thing!

I think we're about to list the furniture again for sale on craigslist or something so that we can get rid of it. That was, of course, the purpose of selling it in the first place! It's just baffling and everytime I walk in the garage my mind begins to wondering why these people haven't picked up their stuff. I mean, if I woke someone up at 6:30 am and gave them $90, I'd not forget that I needed to pick up my stuff! I'd for sure take a mental note as to the location of my $90 worth of stuff.

If there are any developments in this story, I'll let you know!

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

Thats hilarious. You would think--especially here in EP--if you spent $90 they would be back for the stuff. But hey, at least they PAID! I would give it 4 weeks total from time of sale, then list them on craigs list...thats more than fair. What kind of stuff is it? I need some patio furniture!

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