Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I Should Be Doing

After a few minutes of absolute drama and chaos, all the children are asleep on a Tuesday afternoon. I've spent a little bit of my quiet time reading and getting somewhat caught up on a Bible Study I'm doing. Now I'm sitting at the computer reading an article about a woman who found out her birth mother was a murderer by watching a movie about her or something to that effect. You can read the story here, if you'd like to waste a few minutes of your day, too.

Here are the things I should be doing and will be doing as soon as I finish this post...

1) Clean off the dryer!

2) Put away my coupon mess from my grocery shopping preparation earlier today.

3) Take pictures of a few things we need to sell on Craigslist and get them posted.

4) Unload and Reload the dishwasher.

5) Secretly put some backyard toys in the trash can.

6) Work on VBS name tags and other details that I can do from home.

7) Go get JB out of her crib since she has now interrupted my remaining minutes of quiet with her cries for help.

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