Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Lesson in Honesty

Tonight I had the unique opportunity to teach the boys about being honest. I may have gone overboard, but want to take hold of teachable moments that I get with them before they're beyond teaching the basics.

We were getting ready to go out for our evening stroll when I noticed Maverick pointing at the ground near our neighbor's garage saying, "Quarters! Quarters!" There were some coins, 37 cents total, laying on the ground by their garage door. Instead of just leaving them there, we picked them up, along with a screw that could've done serious damage to a tire. I told Maverick that we were going to give them back to our neighbors since they were theirs.

Maverick rang the doorbell and I told our neighbor that we found the coins on his driveway and wanted to give them back. I'm sure he thinks I'm a big weirdo now, but oh well! Maverick handed him the coins and ran back toward his bike. My neighbor asked what his name was and then called him back to the door to give him the coins and tell Maverick that he could keep them. I think he said something about being too honest!

As we left, I told the boys that any time we find something that doesn't belong to us and we know who it belongs to we should give it back to them. I'm not sure there's ever a time that we can be too honest, except maybe when answering the "do these make my butt look big?" question! The boys are like sponges and remember all kinds of things. I hope this experience, as insignificant as it can be, will be a building block for future conversations about honesty.

If you saw Captain My Captain's facebook status on Saturday, you know they were very honest in telling their father about me breaking the mirror to the van as I was backing out on Friday. Bailey even rememberd to tell him that I said "Oh cwap!"


Patty Patterson said...

How cute! And you're right - you can never be too honest. You're doing a great job of raising kis with character - and character goes a long way. Yes Sir, No Sir, Please, Thank You and a clean freshly ironed shirt will still get you just as far as a college education on a job interview.

Rick & Cindy Shideler said...

You should write that in their baby books and remind them of that story when they get older. Maybe even a picture of the coins with the neighbor. I guarantee they will be treasured later on in life. Hope all are doing well.

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