Friday, July 30, 2010

While in OK #1

I've been thinking recently about things I want to accomplish in these six months that we will be residing in OK. Most are pretty petty, but are tasks or goals I'd like to accomplish nonetheless. The time we spent in El Paso was extremely busy, yet fulfilling for me personally. I really am looking forward to having a few months of 'down' time to focus on some of these projects or tasks that there just wasn't time or energy to do with the schedule we had been keeping until a few weeks ago.

So for my While in OK #1 - - Lose 10 pounds!

I really have no excuses not to focus on this one. For the most part I have total control over the foods we eat and bring into the house (apartment). I also have 24 hour access to the fitness center here at the complex. I did a great job of getting most of my baby weight off while CMC was deployed. After he came home I got too relaxed and actually gained about 8lbs! I've managed to get most of that off, but have about 10 more pounds I'd like to lose before I become content with my weight. I had a goal of weighing 135 on my wedding day and I think that's the only day the scale has ever read those numbers since then. I want to be there again even though my body is much different after having 3 babies in 5 years!

Stay tuned for more of my While in OK posts.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

YOu go Jennifer! Thank you so much for the add on the blog roll. I can't offer any advice on the diet front. I know when I lost my weight prior to my wedding (yes, I thankfully had a 4 year window of being a weight I enjoyed) it was all because of so loving the exercise I was doing daily (Jazzercise, cheezy I know). But that is not available to me anymore and sady I wish 10 lbs was all I had to lose...I need to shed around 30. So I am attempting's hoping.

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