Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Apartment Sweet Apartment

For quite a few years I've said that I never wanted to live in an apartment ever again! When I was single, after college, my best friend and I lived in a 4th floor apartment in Fairfax, VA. It took my entire first paycheck of the month to pay my portion of the rent. I really didn't mind apartment living then, but certainly never thought we'd resort to living in an apartment with 3 kids! I don't recommend it. Some times I just have to fantasize and pretend that we're just renting a condo at the beach or something to make it feel somewhat enjoyable. I also have to remind myself that this is just for 6 short months and then we'll be back in a house with a yard. I'm hoping it's a house we own so I can paint a wall or two or ten!

I've tried to do my best to get settled in and make this 1300 sqft feel like home for all of us. Here are a few pictures to let you know what 1300 sqft of Wade stuff looks like! Jenna Beth's room was the easiest to do so I did hers first.

She has these 3 cute little windows that if we were to stay here longer I would work on some cutesy curtain or covering for, but for 6 months, I thought her initial letters would hang perfectly on them! I have some pink flower hooks that must be in a random box that the letters normally hang on, but until I start digging through boxes that didn't get opened a nail will have to do.Her curtain that matches the bedding and the very versatile window seat bench that both of the boys used in their rooms. My mom and I recovered it with a different sheet a few months ago so that it would better match JB's stuff. She even wanted to make sure she got in the picture!This is the quilt that goes with her bedding. I bought the little flower hooks that are holding it up from someone on
Etsy a year or so ago.And her blah bed! I didn't put the bumper back in it when we got here. The other night we heard this weird banging sound and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. We opened her door and found her banging this metal flower against the wall! She was not ready to go to bed and wanted to make sure we all knew. I think Maverick was vacuuming the floor for her.
I have pretty much every other room except for the boys as decorated as they're going to get. More pictures of those to come!

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Jenny said...

Hello Jen! It has been so long since I have left word at all but i wanted to say, "Yes, apart. living is the yucks, especially for a family." But Jenna's room is absolutely adorable...adorable! And I wanted to say how much I admire all you do with your precious little ones, managing a move, and settling in especially without your husband. You are one go-gettin' woman. God bless y'all and your home sweet home.

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