Thursday, July 22, 2010

Officially a Kindergartener

A lot of my friends are very emotional about sending their kids to kindergarten and the reality that our babies are growing up. I told CMC the other day that I must not love Bailey as much because I'm very ready and excited for him to go to kindergarten!

He is officially enrolled as a kindergartener in Lawton Public Schools as of about noon today. He had to have 4 shots this morning or else he would've been enrolled yesterday.

He keeps saying that he can't go to kindergarten because he's not 6 yet! We've thought about faking a birthday so he'll think he's 6, but that would backfire on us in March when we really celebrate his birthday and he thinks he's 7. I'm probably just going to refer to it as school and not kindergarten to keep him from being so adamant that he's not 6 yet! He's a silly little kid.

I think once he gets over the newness of going to a different school, he's going to enjoy it! I've not been a good parent about preparing him and making him an overachiever as a preschooler, but academically he's more than ready to go to kindergarten. His biggest struggle is going to be cooperating with his teachers and learning to do what they want him to do, when they want him to do it!

It's about to be a whole new world at our house, but a world that is going to be good for all of us!


Patty Patterson said...

Which school did you enrool him in? I think you're closest to Carriage Hills which is good - if you're in a portable classroom. But, not so good if you're easily distracted and in the main building because it has open classrooms. Ither than the open classroom issue it is supposed to be really good, though. And - they are supposed to building walls in the near future.

Jen said...

he's going to carriage hills, which is super convenient since it's right aroud the corner. Kindergarteners are in actual classrooms. Not sure he'd do well in the open space thing, but i guess they all learn to adjust.

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