Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jiminy Cricket

We've lived in Oklahoma for a week now and these little black crickets are our nemesis! They are everywhere. Almost every day we find one in the strangest places. I found one in a box of things that I was giving to Goodwill and it crawled out into the back of the van. I hope it was a male and hasn't reproduced in there! CMC found one in a shoe that he picked up today. He felt it tickling his hand.

Last night I was walking back from the workout room at our apartment complex and was greeted by about 6 of them at our front door. As I got closer to the door, they started jumping at the door. I swatted at them with my towel to attempt a cricket invasion into our apartment. Thankfully only one got in through the crack at the hinge of the door. I was able to end its life fairly quickly. I'm sorry if it offends you that I killed the cricket. Trust me, there are plenty of them and they are in no way endangered by extinction!

I grew up in Central Texas where the climate is very similar to that of Southwestern Oklahoma and I don't remember crickets like this! I remember june bugs swarming around outdoor lights, but not these crazy crickets. When the moon comes out, we'll be sure and have our cricket defenses ready because they're out to get us!


The McGriff's said...

Last summer they were really BAD! I think Wal-Mart was infested with them. And then this past winter the birds got really bad in certain areas of town. I would have killed it too! Well, actually I would have screamed for someone to come kill it for me ;-)

Grammy said...

I can't believe you don't remember the crickets at the Ivy Twin every spring. It was like an invasion by the doors and we killed so many you could fill the dust pan several times sweeping them up. But you were young so maybe you didn't pay any attention. I am still afraid of crickets because they hop or fly at you. Nasty things.

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