Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Master Bedroom

This is a long overdue post with pictures of our bedroom. We got new bedroom furniture in April or May, I can't remember exactly when. I do remember sleeping on an air mattress for a week in the time between us selling our old bed at a yard sale and the new stuff being delivered. Our timing wasn't great. Buying bedroom furniture was a decision we had mulled over for a while and had considered waiting until we got to wherever we go next, but the opportunity to sell our old furniture during the postwide yard sale couldn't be passed up.

We love our new furniture. I remember it being a little overwhelmed at how large all the pieces were when they started bringing them into the house. I guess on the showroom floor, they didn't seem so large. In a small bedroom, they seem 'gigantula' (to quote my little kindergartener's word for all big things).

Buying bedding was a challenge as well. I like so many different styles of things and really wanted a comforter that was machine washable. The man of the house said he didn't care if it was machine washable so we ended up buying beautiful bedding that the children are not often allowed on!

Enjoy the pics and you'll get an idea of how small the master bedroom in our apartment really is!

And before I forget, yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary. No major celebrations or anything. Just an impromptu trip to our favorite local yogurt place.


The McGriff's said...


Is that Ashley furniture? I think we have the EXACT set!

Jen said...

we bought it at furniture row in el paso. i don't think it's made by ashley, but i do remember seeing something similar at ashley.

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