Friday, August 27, 2010

Next Generation Anglers

Since moving to Oklahoma, the boys and their father have set their sights on becoming professional anglers. Not quite, but there've been lots of trips to Walmart for worms! I've always said that I didn't like to fish and that's because I've always felt like fishing was the equivalent of watching paint dry! I guess I've never had good, exciting experiences where fish just jump on your hook one after another.

There's a little pond on the property where our apartment is so it's ultra convenient for the boys to get their fishing poles and go fish for a few minutes and then come back home. Their attention span is about like mine. Maverick is alot more patient than Bailey is when it comes to just holding his pole and waiting for the bobber to go under.

They've caught quite a few fish in their time as fishermen. They're mostly small fish just looking for a snack and accidentally biting too far up on the hook when snagging the worms. It's enough to keep the children excited for a few minutes.

Here are a few photos from their first fishing experience.
This is the average size fish they catch off the bank of the pond. Supposedly there are bigger fish in there, but they're not coming near us.This is what Jenna Beth thinks of fishing! I think this was before one of the bored fishermen came and knocked the stoller over and almost sent her down the hill into the pond, causing her mother to go into an extreme panic. That little fisherman apologized for 2 days about pushing over the stroller. Truth be told, I've actually enjoyed a couple of the fishing excursions. I have even put a few worms on hooks to throw out and give a snack to the little fish. I will not, however, remove the little fish from the hook. I touched one once and its wiggling, slimy body and sharp fin gave me the willies so I just hold onto them until the man of the house can take it off for me.

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Anonymous said...

Paw is so exited and proud of his new little anglers. Keep up the good work.

Paw & GG

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