Monday, August 23, 2010

Bailey's 1st Day of Kindergarten

I am officially the mother of a kindergartener! I cried myself to sleep the night before as I worried about whether or not I had prepared him well enough to go off to school. I just knew I would get a phone call telling me to come pick him up because he was pitching an uncontrollable fit over something silly. I know him very well!

It turns out he didn't have a great first day and there were things that he didn't really want to comply with. The first words out of his mouth as we were walking home from the school was "my teacher was mad at me - - don't tell daddy my teacher was mad at me."

From what I can gather, he didn't want to draw a picture of his family and he didn't want to eat in the cafeteria so he was in trouble. This is all his perspective, of course. I'm not sure how he really responded or how his teacher responded to him, but his interpretation was that she was mad at him.

He had a much better day today and even brought home his first completed assignment. He wrote his own name on the bottom of the paper and everything. I know it will take him a week or more to get in the groove and be compliant. Deep down he is a people pleaser and needs lots of praise to keep him motivated. I do hope his teacher sees that he's a bright kid, but has some little quirks! Don't we all?

Here are the obligatory first day of school photo shoot pictures.

Daddy came home between PT and class to walk with us to school for the first day. Maverick has probably had the biggest struggle so far with seeing Bailey go to school and him getting left behind so we tried to include Maverick in the process and festivities as much as possible.
Here I am with the boys. Being beside the blondie makes me look like I have a great tan!This was our parting shot! They have the children sit with their classes in the gym before class starts for an assembly. He was on his way to crossing his arms and putting on his pouty face. Exactly how I imagined it would be.


Jenny said...

Wow. What a day. I have to confess that we have been infrequent in taking Sophia (our 3yo) to Sunday school. But this past Sun. she was willing and we were early enough that we dropped her off. When David picked her up she told him that she had gone potty on her own (something she refuses to do at home) and in my mind I just wondered how it went. How she decided, how she asked, how the teacher responded to her and I realized it was just an inkling of what my mind would go through once she starts school. Yikes. By the way Jenn, you look great. Blessings to y'all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

It's Uncle Josh just wanted to get on here and tell bailey that I'm proud of him for his first couple of days at school and to keep the good work up. I know he will be a great student and he has a big heart and he will do a great job I know will. Daddy and Mommy has done a great job of raising him so I know he'll do great. Tell everyone I said hey and I love em.

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