Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Haircut

A couple of weeks ago, Jenna Beth had a big day. She didn't volunteer for it, but nonetheless, she had it! She got her first hair cut and her ears pierced all in one trip to the mall. She wasn't a big fan of the hair cut so thankfully we had met some friends from El Paso that were passing through town at the mall and they were able to take pictures and try to keep Jenna Beth distracted.

She's getting ready for her first haircut!

This is a good picture of how out of control and unruly the back of her hair was before the cut. This is her "Please get me out of this chair!" pose.One of the smiles she gave because she was being entertained by various goofy antics!
There wasn't an official end product picture, but you can see in the one below that it looks so much better, even though this one is her sweaty and on the loose! If you pan in close, you may be able to see her earrings.

I do need to take some time to get the pictures from my phone onto the computer since I use it alot for candid, spur of the moment pictures.

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