Sunday, August 15, 2010

While In OK #4

Our lifestyle for the past several years has not given us the opportunity to eat meals at the table together. Honestly, in our house in El Paso, the only time we ate at our table was when we had company! We usually just stood in the kitchen to eat or sat at the stools at the bar. Bailey has noticed several times that the 'whole family' is sitting down eating dinner together. Very rarely in the past did I even attempt to have everyone eat the same thing. Talk about short order cook! I'm trying to get away from that mentality, which brings me to my #4 goal I'd like to see accomplished here in Oklahoma.

I'm trying to get the children, the boys mainly, to get out of the box and experience new food even if it's just one or two bites. I've done alot of this already and with tiny bits of success. Maverick acquiesces more willingly than Bailey does. A few nights Bailey has sat at the table acting like he's going to gag, refusing to even attempt some things, even things I know that he's eaten before with no issue! To make it even more laughable is that there are foods that Bailey will eat that are almost shocking like tuna salad sandwiches and raw carrots. He does refuse Kraft Mac and Cheese, which I find just strange! What kid doesn't like Kraft Mac and Cheese?

The good thing is that I've found they'll eat ground beef or turkey as long as it's not charred. This gives us a few options for things like hamburgers, meatloaf, meatballs, etc. They'll eat spaghetti so I'm thinking about trying some other pasta dishes with red sauces to see how they react to that.

I'm not at the point of sneaking vegetables into things that I cook, yet. If I felt like they weren't eating a variety of foods I would be more concerned and start sneaking mashed vegetables into random dishes.

Do you have any foods that your children love that you think I should try? Leave a comment and give me the scoop!

As I've reread this, I'm starting to wonder why I've decided to tackle some of these difficult tasks now. I guess there's no time like the present or a time when I feel like we're just on a detour and passing through.

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Rick & Cindy Shideler said...

Hey Jen. I couldn't help but laugh at your dilemma. We had the same problem but with ME, not the kids. My doctor told me I wasn't eating enough veggies and suggested this book for Cindy to use to help me.

I love the title of the book. The good news is it worked, I have a wider portfolio of veggies I will eat now but I still can't get brussel sprouts past my lips. :-(

Good luck

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