Saturday, September 25, 2010

Soccer Monsters

This week the Wade boys became official soccer players. They're definitely not the stars of the team, but they have a good time for the most part.

I'm not sure how to really explain the game to Bailey or get him to understand how to be aggressive and get the ball from the other team. During the game today, you could see the disappointment on his face when he wasn't kicking the ball. I'm not sure if he thought they should give him the ball when it was his turn or if he had to share with everyone else. Taking turns has been an issue for him since a little sports camp he went to this summer. Playing soccer aggressively doesn't require taking turns so he's gotta have a change of attitude when he's on the field playing.

Maverick just doesn't get it and kind of stands around. Most of the pictures I have of him he's got one of his hands on his head or hip just standing still. The coach is very helpful and tries to make sure the kids that aren't involved are getting a chance in on the action.

Our team is definitely the underdog, not well organized or trained team. The team we played today were very aggressive and acted like they knew exactly what they were doing!
For us, it's all about having a good first sports experience for the boys. Of course, a good experience requires good snacks and today's snack parents went over the top with theirs!
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