Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I have come to really look forward to Thursdays since we've moved to OK. It's the one day of the week where all the little tornadoes go to their various day time activities! I enjoy the time to get caught up on various projects or reading for PWOC. It's a day that I am truly thankful to get each week.

Here's what else I'm thankful for this week:

1) I have ordered the first 3 years of Wades' World in book format and can't wait to hold them in my hands! This was a neat experience, even though I did it as quickly and painlessly as possible. To go back and read some of the old posts and stories that I had forgotten about was really fun.

2) The mortgage loan papers have been Fedex-ed so we're praying that process goes smoothly and we'll be able to close at the end of next month.

3) A good warm pumpkin spice latte on a cool morning! We're under a frost advisory for the morning, so the cooler weather is starting to arrive.

4) F1 has finally gotten 2 teeth on the top. She's been the 2 tooth wonder for probably 9 months now.

5) Seeing the tornadoes dressed up in their lady bug, monkey and Thomas costumes to go to our apartment complex's Halloween party tonight. They were super cute!

6) We finally have local channels with our DirecTV! We got to watch CSI in primetime tonight for the first time since July.

7) It's been a great week of getting good deals on groceries and various sundries.

8) A few teacher gifts have been purchased and are being stored so when December gets here, I'm ahead of the game in some areas.

9) Discovering some new blogs to read and get ideas from. Check out all my new buttons I've added of blogs I've stumbled upon that are full of great info and ideas - everything from good deals to decorating - all my favorite things!

10) Tomorrow is Friday!!!

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