Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Donors Choose

America's schools are in financial trouble! We're all aware of that and if you're not, you must live under a rock! Cpt is a former high school teacher and many of our friends are educators so we have contact with many who have been affected by the financial crunch facing our schools. Many have been furloughed, basically mandatory time off without pay, several days over the past several years. The purchase of new and more advanced materials and teaching aids isn't an option in many places.

A few months ago, I became aware of a website called Donors Choose. It's a website designed to help teachers find funding for various projects or supplemental curriculum items for their students. The idea is genious! Donors can go to the website and search by school or subject or city and find various projects posted by teachers waiting to be funded. My friend Mr. Dearybury has had several projects funded. One we even helped fund! It was such a fulfilling feeling knowing that we were able to contribute a miniscule amount of money to see students in his classroom have access to new teaching tools!

If you're looking for a way to invest some small change or big change in a project that will help shape the education of children in our nation, I think you should go browse Donors Choose! You may even see your alma mater has a project you could help fund. I'm sure Mr. Dearybury (Mr. D) would love to have you help him fund a project! I'm not being paid to endorse Donors Choose, but some times I come across an effort or organization that is doing something valuable and I think it's good enough to pass along.

To read a cool story about the impact Donors Choose has had in California, read this story HERE.

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J.E. said...

Thanks Jen! We need all the support we can get!!!

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