Monday, November 1, 2010

Final Fall Festival Experience

For the past 3 years, I was in charge of the Fall Festival at FBC El Paso and my children never even attended the event! Sad, I know, but true. This year, as a participant and chaperone to my children, I realized that being in charge of the whole event is much less stressful that guiding my own children through the chaos and crowds of a Fall Festival. I did this 2x this year and can honestly say I was never so glad to put those costumes on their hangers to stay!

The one highlight of the final Fall Festival we attended at our church was watching F1 use her own tactics for getting candy in her basket. She was so much more greedy than I imagined she would be, but the cutest greedy kid alive! We stopped to watch a game and let F5 jump in a bounce house for a few minutes so F1 was left to find something to occupy her time. She noticed the buckets of prizes at one of the games sitting on the ground, at her level and decided that was the perfect opportunity to score some loot! She just smiled and bent down close to the buckets and non-chalantly started putting handfuls of prizes and candy into her pumpkin bucket.

I was a little embarrassed, but the high school kids working the booth didn't seem bothered and there was plenty of candy and prizes to go around. She did come home with the fullest bucket. I joked later that I should've made her aware of which ones were the good candies and which weren't worth putting in her bucket.

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