Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wind Blown

It's been especially windy here in the great state's neighbor to the north! I'm not sure that especially windy is really the right description because it's windy here all the time, I think. It's also been frigid in the mornings so our walks to school have come to an end, much to F5's chagrin! To help keep him happy, I have promised him that on the not so cold days that we'll still walk home from school or scooter home from school. So that's what we did today!

After retrieving F5 from 'Parent Pick Up,' we proceeded to the school library for the book fair. One book for each boy, poor F1 just gets nothing these days, and then we would be back on our way to our lovely apartment complex. I took the check out of my zippered wallet keychain, a Vera Bradley, of course, that was hanging from a hook on the stroller and apparently didn't zip it back up. Major mistake - - - remember the wind!

We were almost to the mailbox where I would discover some free Green Mountain coffee that I had signed up for last week when I noticed small cards blowing all around me. I'm sure for a second I just froze and didn't move a bit. I had to first realize that these were coming from my wallet! Then I had to decide how on earth I was going to chase after them and try to retrieve them. If any apartment dwellers were hanging on their porches at the time, they got an interesting show. I quickly went after said flying cards hoping I could get them. I think F3 actually caught one of them for me. It was mostly insurance cards that went flying, but those are important. After I gathered what I could and was hopefully everything that had flown out, all I could think about was how much trouble replacing my military ID would be. Praise the Lord, that one stayed in its special pocket! I also had to count my credit cards to make sure they were all accounted for and my driver's license was accounted for as well.

I know these things only happen to me. I'm just glad that I can add enjoyment to someone's day by my crazy antics. I know for sure that one of the complex maintenance men saw the ordeal. I hope he went and told all his coworkers and his family about the show he saw from that wacky woman and her 3 kids.

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Beth said...

Too funny! I am liking the renaming of the kiddos. Tornado characterizations are perfect for the three of them.

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