Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas in November

A few weeks ago, probably a month or so ago, Cpt came home from work full of surprises. The first surprise was homemade tamales made by the mother of one of his classmates. They were delicious and reminded me of one of the things I miss about El Paso at Christmas time! The kitchen staff at FBCep always sold tamales by the dozen in December and we would eat them for months at the house.
Then he had another surprise - - tickets to see Michael Buble' in OKC! We've talked many times about artists we would be willing to pay full price for tickets for and Michael has always been on the top our list.

For weeks I lived anticipating the night, but the reality of going to a concert and losing an evening at home less than a week before we were set to move almost ruined the day for me. Nevertheless, we pressed on, got in the car and had a fabulous evening with Michael! He puts on a great concert and even says that he knows his fans spent good money to come see him so he wants to just have a party during his performance and that he did. There were moments when things were a little PG-13, but his music and his stage presence were wonderful. His opening act, Naturally 7, were fabulous, as well. I hope we get to see him in concert again some time!

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