Monday, January 24, 2011

More House Pictures

It really is a shame that pictures can't just jump off the camera onto the blog page! I know some of my readers are interested in seeing what the inside of our new house looks like. At least, I think you want to see them. Honestly, I'm not sure who my readers are these days since my blogging is extremely sporadic lately. On to the pictures...
This is a picture of the front exterior of the house. I only took this because I was taking pictures of my new ride that was parked on the street. (That's another post in itself!) You can see the hubs standing by the garage.

The master bedroom has been fairly done for a while now, but it's those darn pictures that don't jump off the camera onto the laptop that have kept me from posting these.
These are of my dresser wall and this image has already changed since we were the recipients of a new larger tv for the living room. Our old tv from the living room is now on my dresser. It's much larger and easier to read the onscreen guide from the bed! (Thanks Dad)
A view of the bed.
The lampstands have been sitting on the night stands since we moved without lampshades. I finally made it to Ikea to get these last week. I'm not sure if these curtains will stay forever or not. I actually need 2 more panels, but finding 2 more of these panels hasn't been a priority. They no longer sell them at Target so it'll take some serious hunting to find them.
Mirror with sconces. Nothing special.
The best part about this mirror is how easily it went up when I was in one of my get it done moods and hanging mirrors all by myself! It went up on about the 2nd try as I was contorting my body to hold 2 different hooks and look behind the mirror to see if the hooks were hitting the screws. I've not had near as many picturing hanging mishaps in this house as I have in previous houses. I guess I'm getting to be a better picture hanger with all of my experience and the help of Command Strips! Love those things! I'm actually considering painting these sconces at some point, but that's hanging out on the bottom of the project list with finding the 2 panels for the windows.

I wish I could take a good picture of the ceiling and the 3 different sets of lights on it. I tried today, but just can't get a picture worth posting.

More to come...


Grammy said...

New ride?? Why are you teasing us like this? lol

Erin said...

Love your decorating style!

Jen said...

Thanks Erin and the 'ride' picture is coming.

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