Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My People Mover

I've mentioned before that my husband has had an obsession with trading cars in and buying new cars for the past few years and apparently his obsession didn't end when we moved to Texas. I am sure I remember hearing him say that he would drive his Ford Taurus the whole time we're at our current duty station.

However, last week, he got the car buying fever again! Wednesday or Thursday we drove to a local car lot to see a car he called the dealer about. After negotiations got nowhere on that one, he broadened his search area and ended up in Austin Friday buying a car that is supposed to be for me. His rationalization about this one is that now we'll have 2 cars that are big enough for all 5 of us to ride comfortably.

So here's the car progression he's had since 2006

Isuzu Rodeo
purchased from his brother some time in 2005, I think

GMC Yukon
purchased in November 2007 for a GREAT deal.
If we still had this one, it would almost be paid for!

Chevy Malibu
puchased in the spring of 2008, the first time we thought we'd be stationed at Bragg or Hood

Chevy Silverado
purchased in summer of 2008- better known as the $20,000 swingset

Ford Taurus
purchased in May of 2010 because we knew we were coming to Hood

Now he's supposed to drive my Kia Sedona that will be completely paid off next month and I'm supposed to drive this....

Chevy Suburban
I'll never be able to just pull this thing into just any old parking spot. In his kindness, the hubs said that I'll get plenty of exercise parking in the parking spots furthest from the doors of all my favorite shopping destinations. I should probably just print out cards now that say something like "I'm not capable of driving this tank so I apologize for dinging your car with my door or bumper." Of course, I'd give my contact information and maybe the name of the body shop that I contract with to repair the damage I cause to innocent cars parked in my way!

I'm just hoping the car buying fever doesn't strike again any time soon! I've threatened to make him sign a "No Car Buying" contract. The next car I get will be exactly what I want. It's too bad I have no idea what that is!


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. This is another one of the traits he inherited from his father. You know like the underwear fedish. I do like the car but I am like you I don't want to drive it.


Rachelle said...

I'm a new follower and I have to say my husband is the same as yours with the car buying thing. Thankfully he needs my credit to get a good interest rate, so I get to control his habit a little easier! Feel free to stop by sometime:

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