Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Typical Week?

I've yet to determine what a typical week in our new town looks like! For the past 3 weeks or so, things have just been abnormal. Last week, F5 was sick and missed school on Monday and then they were out of school Friday for snow. Our PWOC group was cancelled on Tuesday so instead of getting home around Noon from that, we got home at 10:30am. We didn't go to church Sunday because I have been sick for several days and didn't feel like spreading my germs to other unsuspecting churchgoers. Today, F4 woke up with a fever and I've not been feeling so great so we skipped PWOC. There's also a chance of rain/freezing rain here tomorrow! Next Friday is an early dismissal from school and then F5 is out of school for President's Day on the following Monday. It could be March before we have a full 7 day week where we do what we would normally do during a week and then once we get settled in to that, it'll be Spring Break!

For someone who needs a little bit of structure (not much) and wants to have an idea of what to expect from day to day, these little interruptions in normalcy just don't get me all excited. I've watched lots of TV and have had time to work on ripping recipes and articles out of my stack of magazines that need to be gotten rid of. I did make a valiant attempt to make homemade pretzels for the kids. They were edible, but I think I've finally learned my lesson in attempting to substitute whole wheat flour for all purpose! Things never turn out right when I do!

Please, Please, Please, Lord, let us establish some sort of routine in our lives and quick!

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Jenny said...

I love it...right now I am staring at a stack of magazines withthe same "ripping" goal. Ihope you are feeling better and that the routine comes to comfort.

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