Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ooh and Aah

I often think about very strange things and this post is going to be absolute proof of that fact! So here we go...

Since the beginning of the year, they've been advertising on Playhouse Disney that on February 14th, Playhouse Disney is going to become Disney Jr. Sounds strangely like the move Noggin just made to become Nick Jr., to me. Nonetheless, Playhouse Disney is hosted by 2 monkeys named Ooh and Aah. They're quite amusing and have some catchy songs and skits they do between shows on Playhouse Disney. I should also add that Ooh and Aah are puppets. I didn't mention that before.

My wondering is about the future of Ooh and Aah! Are they going to be out of jobs when Disney Jr. starts on Monday? Are these monkey puppets dispensible to the people at Disney? I know it doesn't really matter - they're puppets for crying out loud!

Moose A Moose and Zee didn't lose their gigs on Nick Jr. when they made the switch so maybe Ooh and Aah are safe, too. I guess I'll find out early Monday morning when the TV comes on.

You can obviously tell that I've spent all but about 30 minutes of the past 2 days stuck inside my house since this is occupying my mind when I'm not wondering if these children are ever going to get past their fevers and coughs! I think we're going to brave the invisible (truly invisible, like not really there) ice that closed F5's school today.

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Luke said...

Ooh and Aah are no longer featured since Playhouse Disney changed into Disney Jr.

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