Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Starving Child

You're probably wondering why I posted a picture of a loaf of bread. Yesterday Maverick, Bailey and I ventured to Super Target to get some groceries. Now that Maverick's carrier needs to be propped over the seat part of the buggy, Bailey gets to hang out in the big part of the buggy where the groceries go. He really does well and just sits and rides. I've been pleasantly surprised at how easily my past 2 grocery trips have gone with both of them. Back to the real story I'm trying to tell...
As I'm putting the groceries in the buggy, sometimes I would hand them to Bailey and let him put them down in the buggy. At one point I handed him a package of weiners and went back to pushing the buggy to the next thing on my list. When I went to hand him the next item, he had the end of the weiner package in his mouth and had chewed his way through enough that he was getting himself a little taste of weiner. I took the package from him and he didn't pick it up again. An aisle or so later I put the bread down in the buggy. When I went to give him something else after the bread, he was chewing on the end of the bread package! I had fed him lunch before we went to the store, but I guess he was still hungry or just craving a hot dog! I'm sure if I had some ketchup in the buggy he would've been squirting that on the weiner package. So now I have a loaf of bread and a package of weiners that look like a rat has been chewing on them!
When we got home I was going to take him to a local barbecue joint where kids eat free on Tuesdays, but as I was unloading groceries he climbed up in his chair at the table and stared me down until I heated him a weiner and some baked beans! So we missed out on good barbecue for a weiner. He hasn't figured out how to make a good, better, best decision yet!!
I promise I feed my children. Bailey's ever growing chubby legs and belly are proof positive!

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Chris Whisonant said...

Jen and I really wanted to see a pic of the hot dog pack!! That sounds delightful!

Maybe BBQ next Tues! :) Pig, chips, and cheese anyone?

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