Sunday, February 25, 2007

I did it!

I was a brave soul yesterday and took both of my boys to the mall! It was my first time using my cool double stroller. Bailey wasn't sure about it at first so I had to put him back in the van while I got Maverick put in place. Then I had to get Bailey out of the van and practically force him to stand on his little platform. After we got going, he didn't think it was so bad. He did figure out that he has more freedom now, but he knows that I don't typically let him run around when we're out and about. I had a woman tell me how brave I was to take both of them out by myself. I told her it wasn't bravery as much as it was our way of life for now.

Bailey got to go and play with the train table at Barnes and Noble and had a great time. I got to talk to an older Christian woman who was with her granddaughter who was playing with the trains, too. I usually don't like to talk to random people like that, but this lady reminded me of the hope that we have in Christ and our need to talk about His love to the people who cross our paths. It was so natural for her to talk about ways the Lord had blessed her and provided for her. I was humbled and convicted about how much glory I steal from Christ simply by not talking freely about what He's doing in our lives to the people that I see in my every day activities.

I realized today just how little time I have left here on the East coast - Just 5 more Sundays! Where does the time go? I have a ton to do before I'll be ready to head to our new home "out in the west Texas town of El Paso." Every time I think of that song I think about my British Lit class at the community college in Waco. For some reason the prof broke into that song one day during class. He had cancer and had to quit teaching our class midway through. The day he told us he was resigning I was mad at him because he hadn't accepted a paper I had slid under his office door because I had missed class for a dentist appointment. I felt about as big as an ant over my petty issue with a grade after he told us about his cancer! Later in the semester in that same class, we sat and listened to the OJ Simpson verdict via someone's portable radio. Sorry for the reminiscing...
Bethany - Ask Carl if he remembers Dr. Looper from MCC. Carl is my sister's youth director and we were in that British Lit class together. I remember him, but I'm he probably doesn't remember me.

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