Thursday, April 5, 2007

24 hours in El Paso

We've spent our first full 24 hours in El Paso and it's been loads of fun - please sense my sarcasm. Bailey's way out of whack and yesterday was a hard day for him. We spent most of the morning at our 'new' house, it's actually an old house and just our temporary dwelling until they build enough brand new houses for us to move across the street into. We're thinking we'll be in this house for about 9 months. When they built these houses, in 1964, they were trying to save money so they put wall to wall industrial tile in them. For some reason, there are a few in our neighborhood that have parquet tile in them. Jake went through 11 different houses to find the best looking one of all of them. He chose one that has parquet tile so it's not quite so prison like. There's tons of good closets! Counting 2 outside storage closets, there are 11 closets - 6 of them I'd classify as 'walk-in.' You know the saying 'junk expands to the space allotted'? I'm sure my junk will continue to expand. I'll send pictures once we get moved in completely. The bathrooms haven't been updated since they were built so we have a pink ceramic tile bathroom and a green ceramic tile bathroom. The toilets like like they've been scrubbed a time or two with steel wool so they're really rough looking. I'm sure people will come and think that I never clean the toilets, but they're beyond cleaning. They need a new paint job! It's only temporary and then we'll live in the nicest house we'll live in for our entire lives.

My mom volunteered her services last night and tonight for Jake and me to go out alone since we'll not have built in babysitters like we did in FM and this could be one of the last opportunities we have to go out for a while. Last night we went to eat mexican and then went rug and shorts shopping. Quite a combo! I've decided that I'm going to have a hard time buying a rug for the living room because I want style, but I want cheap and those 2 things don't mix all that well when it comes to large area rugs! I'm sure I'll decide on something or just bite the bullet and spend some cash.

The cable people are coming this afternoon to hook up some portion of our tv/internet/phone service. I think they come back tomorrow, too. I have some other paperwork issues I have to do, too. I need to get the boys appointments to go to the dr next week. That'll be fun. Jake tells me that the Medical center is chaos and we all know how I can't stand chaos!

Oh, the joys of moving...I'm still working on my top ten list for last week....It's on paper, but hasn't made it to the computer, yet.


Chris Whisonant said...

We're glad you and the kids arrived safely!! Have fun shopping! Tell Jake hi!

Jed said...

Glad you are there, and glad you back to bloggin"

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