Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I'm Back!!

The adventure to El Paso is well underway. We left Fort Mill Sunday night around 8:30 and drove to Lithia Springs, GA. We woke up yesterday around 7 - Bailey is having a hard time sleeping so everyone else in the room does, too. We stopped for a chicken biscuit and started the long day of travel. We managed to make pretty good time. We got to Fort Worth around 9 last night. Maverick never really slept yesterday in the car and spent a lot of his day screaming at us! I think he was lonely and bored and probably a tad uncomfortable being strapped in to his car seat all day. We're going to spend this morning and early afternoon with my dad and stepmom, who are driving 2 hours up to Fort Worth from Waco. They've not met Maverick yet so they're in for a treat today. I think we're going to either drive another 4 hours or so this afternoon or go ahead and drive all the way to El Paso. It's another 9 hours from here. For Maverick's sake, we may break the drive up a little bit and do some today and the rest tomorrow. It's almost better to be in the car than in a hotel room, though. Bailey gets bored being trapped in one room when he wants to be roaming. He tends to stay in trouble! In the car at least he can watch his dvds and eat snacks and there aren't as many things he can do to get in trouble. We'll see how we're feeling later. Jake cancelled our room at the Inn at Fort Bliss for tonight so that may play into our decision, too.

My week without constant internet access was interesting. Maybe today in the car I'll try to think of a "Top Ten" list or something as a concise synopsis of the 'fun' events of last week. I hope I didn't lose too many readers in my absence!!! I'm back and should be able to keep this thing updated pretty well from here on out.


Jennifer said...

Glad you're alive! I've had nothing good to read while I eat my Little Debbie's...kiss Mav and squench Bay!

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

I am so glad that you are back. I have been thinking of you a lot. The Texas weather has been crazy and I was wondering how you were doing in it. Now I know, you were not even there yet!!
I remember those days when the van was better than the hotel. It always amazed me what they could find to do in such a small room. Mine were the ones jumping from bed to bed and just running all over the room. I am sure that our neighbors just LOVED us!

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