Monday, April 16, 2007

Humpty Dumpty Day

Yesterday afternoon, Jake stayed home with the boys and I went and did some errand running (shopping). When I got back with our delicious mexican dinner from Taco Cabana (excellent tortillas and queso), we were sitting at the table and Jake looked at Bailey and asked him if he told me about their humpty dumpty incident. Of course Bailey didn't. He doesn't have that many words in his vocabulary. His story would've sounded something like 'ah, no - choo' or 'mo' or 'duce' or 'bro' or something more like that. In my mind, I'm thinking Jake dropped Maverick or Maverick fell off the couch or something. The real story was that Jake slid across a collapsed packing box they had been playing with and somehow hit the back of his head on the corner of our new dining room table (very lovely, i might add - the table, that is) and bounced and hit his forehead on our file cabinet that is currently against a wall by the table. Jake has a nice little red knot on his head.

Not 5 minutes later, Bailey is eating his red chips from Taco Cabana (did I mention how good the quesadilla and flautas were?) when he slips out of his chair and hits his mouth on the corner of the table that I've already said how lovely it was. Apparently this new table is some sort of a booby trap! Bailey has a nice purple lower lip that just adds to his dramatic bottom lip pucker when he's mad or not getting his way. It bled a little, but after a few seconds of torturous screams, he got up, found snoopy and his paci and was back to being Bailey.

I do have pictures I'm planning to post, but I haven't quite made it to locating the cord. I still have boxes to unpack, curtains to hang, and children who need constant supervision. I didn't mention that this morning while I was checking my email that I heard Maverick screaming and planned to go get him and put him in his bed after I was finished. I assumed it was time for a nap, which it was. When I walked in the living room to get him, Bailey was covering him up with a laundry basket. I about died and Bailey knew he was in immediate trouble! Poor Maverick. Bailey's gotten to the point where he likes to play with Maverick, but he just doesn't understand how to be gentle! His latest thing is taking off Maverick's sox and then I'll ask Bailey if he took his sox off and he just laughs like it's the funniest thing he's ever done! The sox are much safer than attempting to cover Maverick with a laundry basket.

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Karen said...

When Hayden was born, Carter was just over 2 years old... Carter's favorite thing was to climb in the crib with him. I thought it was cute until I walked in one day and found Carter standing in the crib holding 3 month old Hayden under his arms... legs dangling. He was going to try to get Hayden out of the crib! The climbing in the crib was put to a stop QUICKLY!

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