Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Picture Day

Here are some pictures of the boys from the past couple of weeks.
Here are Bailey and his buddy Emma Grace Whisonant watching other kids play Wii at the Dodson's. Don't ask me what Bailey is doing! I don't even want to know. He's probably trying to keep his hands warm :o)
This is how we spent the first few days in El Paso - standing around watching Bailey watch Monsters, Inc. He had a nice little set up, but it took me a few days to break down and buy a couple of chairs for the rest of us to sit in. Notice the lovely parquet floors!

Here's our chunky monkey, Maverick, sitting in Bailey's Cars chair. Maverick likes his bottle! We were getting ready to go to the zoo and I couldn't resist putting that hat on him.

I told you yesterday Bailey liked playing with Maverick's feet and here's the proof!

Bailey in his big boy bed. He's not as in love with it as he was the crib, but he'll learn. He woke up around 3:30 this morning so I had to go and get in the bed with him to keep from having to wake up for the day at 3:30. I don't even want to imagine that misery! He's such a wiggly worm when he sleeps that any time I wake up in the middle of the night I have to go make sure he's still in the bed and not on the floor. I'm the reason he was awake at 3:30 because I had fed Maverick and then walked in to check on him and he was laying with a pillow over his entire body with his head about a foot from the end of the bed. I picked him up and put him back on this pillow at the top of the bed. By the time I was back in our bed, he was awake and on his way to find us.


Matt said...

Bailey seems like my kinda guy. Relaxed, carefree, and sometimes putting hands in places like in a nostril or picking teeth at the dinner table and while not realizing that others are watching...yeah, it's a guy thing.
I laughed out loud!

Karen said...

I forgot to tell you in my last post... guess who came by today...Melissa (Burney) Shuler! She gave me her address and still lives in Texas! I told her to check out your blog!

Chris Whisonant said...

Awesome pics - looking forward to seeing the bathroom tile, though... :)

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