Saturday, April 14, 2007

Windy EP

The wind in El Paso has been unbelievable the past week. I think the high here yesterday was about 50 and the wind gusts reached about 50 mph at some points during the day. I went to drop off Maverick at a friend's house so I could take Bailey to get his shots and give him my undivided attention. When I got there or close to her house, I noticed that the street lights were out on the road leading to her house. Her power had been out since like 6am. We never lost power, but out internet goofed up and it took me until this morning to get through to an incompetent customer service person with Time Warner. She didn't fix my issue and after I hung up I was determined I could do it myself and I did - - Here I am!!

We're still working on getting the house set up. Jake and I stayed up until after midnight last night putting the table together. It's nice. We've still got a few things in the way of putting it exactly where we want to go. I worked on the boys' rooms some yesterday and they're almost ready to go. I need to get some hangers and a shelf and a high powered drill to drill through our concrete exterior walls so I can hang curtains. We managed to get most of the kitchen boxes unloaded yesterday afternoon. I watched Along Came Polly on the laptop while I unloaded boxes until Jake came home. Then he had to rewind it so he could see his favorite part. (The language in Along Came Polly isn't very upstanding and the reason Jake initially liked it would probably be viewed as offensive.)

Bailey has been sleeping in his big boy bed for 3 nights now. He does pretty well, but if we didn't have the guard rail up, he'd have fallen out every night! He is very jealous that Maverick is sleeping in the crib and watching the mobile. Every time he hears the song the mobile plays, he comes in and pokes his lip out and cries like he wants to climb into the bed and watch the mobile. It's hard being 2! He's stayed in his bed all night since he's been sleeping in it, but when he wakes up, he just gets up and wanders around. I don't know what time he got up this morning, but I could hear him playing with cars and stuff. When I got up to check on him, he came running into the bedroom and hugged my legs. He had turned the tv on to the hispanic pbs type station so maybe he's working on his spanish! Any ideas for how we can get him to stay in the bed or in his room until we're ready to get up??


Jennifer said...

I must have just put the fear of God in Emmy - or the fear of mommy - because she never got out of bed without my permission...We told her to always call out to us and we'd be right there...but now, she is a follow-the-rules type A kind of little girl...geeeee, who is that like??? But, she wanted out of the baby crib badly, too, and we told her if she got out of the big girl bed, we'd put her back in the baby crib...but it sounds like your little man wants back in the crib...mmmmmm

Ashley said...

You could try putting a baby gate up at his doorway. That way if he got up and started playing, at least he'd be in his room and you wouldn't have to worry about him getting into something he shouldn't. If that doesn't work, teach him to use the toaster and coffe maker and get him to bring you breakfast in bed!

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