Friday, June 29, 2007

100th Post

This is my 100th Post! Wow! Let's celebrate...Maui Brownie Madness anyone or maybe an Iced Latte, nonfat milk, 1 sweet-n-low. I've said that alot!! Jen Whis would probably prefer the Chai Tea Latte (Isn't that what you get?) Jake would just get an Iced Brewed Coffee, nonfat milk, 2 sweet-n-lows, because they're cheaper than the Latte. What's your caffeinated beverage of choice?

Okay, enough celebration. I was actually just posting to tell you to check out
RestonBaby today because my Blueberry Pound Cake recipe made their Friday Recipe Round Up!!! Yeah for me.

Stay tuned for another 1000 or so posts! Maybe I'll just write a book :o)

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