Friday, June 29, 2007

Bailey's Big Day

Thursday was a big day for Bailey. He started off the day by spending 5 hours at the church at Mother's Day Out. He made his first Plaster of Paris handprint ornament. His teacher told me she had to talk him into sticking his hand in it and as soon as he touched it he immediately pulled his hand out. So we have a very shallow handprint in our Plaster of Paris! After he came home and napped for a little while, we met his friend Christopher and his mommy, Marie at McDonald's for dinner. Jake was helping a friend move a few things and Marie's husband flew to Austin for some business meetings last night and today. Bailey and Christopher are very cute together because they're a lot alike! Christopher is about a month older than Bailey so their minds think along the same tracks. They played chase around the dining area of the play area for a little while. Then they took their cups and went and sat on the floor and had a little picnic while they caught their breath. Later, they had their cups on a window sill and decided to shake some of the soda out and then play in it. This was Christopher's doing at first! They rubbed their hands in it and just laughed. Later they were dumping Bailey's out and had Sprite all over the wall and floor under the window. Then Christopher rolled a high chair to the table and climbed up in it. Not a minute later, here came Bailey with a high chair. I can't remember the last time Bailey voluntarily climbed in a high chair. Monkey See Monkey Do! Christopher climbed all the way up in the slide and slid down. He was so proud! Eventually, I convinced Bailey to follow Christopher to the top and slide down. Unfortunately, by the time Bailey figured out how much fun that would be, we were getting ready to go. You can only imagine the kicking and screaming he pulled when I had to put his shoes back on him! I had to carry him under one arm and Maverick's carrier with the other all the way to the car. It was not pretty and I have a few scratches on my neck and fact to prove it!

I'm just glad Bailey has a little buddy. They are definitely 2 Peas in a Pod! I'm sure I'll have lots of Bailey/Christopher stories to share over the next few years. Christopher's dad is an engineer with one of the construction companies doing some building here on Fort Bliss and they're scheduled to be in El Paso for 4 years. Hopefully we'll be here that long, too!

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