Thursday, November 1, 2007

I've Lost 7lbs...

Since Monday! I don't recommend the method for the final 5 pounds which involved me and the toilet or sink if I was too lazy to bend that far down. Let's just say last night was a miserable night at our house. Today I feel like I've given birth! My body aches all over. Thankfully there've been no relapses since about 5 this morning. I spent most of the day laying under a blanket on the couch. Fun, Fun!

Jake took the boys trick or treating last night in our neighborhood and down some of Colonel's Row. I made an appearance at an event at the church while they were out having fun. Bailey never made it into his Thomas costume, but I made a trip to Walmart and bought him a Pumpkin shirt so they went out in their matching shirts and shorts! Jake pulled them around in the wagon and said Bailey refused to get out of the wagon. He only got candy if the candy giver walked over to him and put it in his bucket. Talk about the life of luxury!

Bailey had a good time handing out candy to the trick or treaters after he was finished trick or treating himself. Jake sat on the driveway and put candy in Bailey's truck and he'd push it out to the sidewalk and put it in their bags. He's all about the 'canca' (candy). He thinks it's fun just to take it out of the box and put it back in.

Here are some pictures from their adventures.

These two pictures are in other people's yards along their route. Mav looks like he's really examining this ghoulish one!

Here they are examining their loot! Bailey got a good bit of candy considering he never got out of the wagon. I'm sure in this picture he's saying 'No No Bro, No No Bro.'


Jen Dub-ya said...

Girl, I am soooo sorry - I think that's my biggest fear this winter is getting the throw-ups virus...ick...I hate, hate throwing up - like seriously hate it! Hope you feel better soon and no one gets "afflicted."

Grammy said...

I love their pumpkin shirts!! I'm glad the wagon has been such a handy item. Wish I could have been there to pull them around the neighborhood. I hope no one else gets the throw ups.

GE is me said...

Jen, hope you're on the mend. I'm sorry Bailey didn't make it into the Thomas outfit. I did see one though on Halloween night. If Bailey's is anything like the one I saw, OMGoodness- too stinkin' cute! The girls did about 10 houses, if even that many. I missed the revelation, but hubby said that after about the 3rd house the light bulb went on & Rachel was like OOO wow, candy! My big concern? getting them to say thank you! Ever the mom.
I'll be praying you feel better soon. btw when do you hear about the church job?

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