Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Little Trip to Target

Monday night, we were sitting around doing nothing so I asked Bailey if he wanted to go to Target. I guess I expected him to absolutely refuse, but he perked up and said "Gotta get my shoes" then ran off to find his shoes. My real intention was to go to Target for a peaceful walk around and maybe dig through some clearance racks to see if I could find a good deal or two, alone! I didn't really want to take him, but after asking, I had no choice. I think deep down I was hoping Jake would tell me to go and he would keep the boys. Not quite how it panned out!

I told Bailey that he had to sit in the buggy and behave and then I used the old cookie bribe. Surprisingly, he sat in the front of the buggy, the actual seat part, for most of the ride. He did climb back and forth between the front and back a few times during our trip to Target, but I'll take that over him screaming or me trying to carry his big butt any day! The only fit he really tried to throw was when I tried to make him try on shoes. That was a serious No Go!

As I was looking for good deals, I saw some bunny ears headbands in the $1 area. I put them on and Bailey laughed. Then he put them on and left them on the rest of our trip! The proof is in the picture. It always surprises me when Bailey will wear something on his head because normally he throws a fit and immediately throws hats or toboggans on the floor. I ended up buying 2 pairs of bunny ears so he and Mav could have their own. We're at that point where we need 2 of everything to minimize fighting. Although, Maverick has learned to hold his own and is relentless when trying to take something out of Bailey's hand.


Jen Dub-ya said...

I'll have to call him "Jen's son" with the bunny ears on - can't quite picture Jake in those, but you, I have a very vivid imagination for! lol. missing ya!

GE is me said...

Nice! I may have to make that trip myself & get the girls each a pair.
I so feel your pain on the 2 of everything. Welcome to my world. :)

AMANDA said...

At least you got to leave one boy at home with daddy.:) Love the ears!

Peggy said...

I also can empathize the "two of everything"! I even had to buy Sky a new watch when I bought one for Sara for her birthday present! Fortunately, with a boy and a girl it's a little bit easier because of the difference between Tonka trucks and Barbie dolls!

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