Friday, February 29, 2008

Wonders Never Cease

The boys and I had a pretty fun day today. It began with a trip to the local Carl's Jr for lunch and play time with our friends the Puleos. Their dad is in the Middle East for a year so we try to get together to play and chat when we can. There are 3 Puleo boys - 5, 3, and 3 months and of course their Mommy, Summer. Bailey loves playing with the oldest boys so they had a great time while Summer and I chatted for an hour or so. Maverick even got to play around the play area since he's a walker!

Then we headed to the El Paso Outlet Mall for some shopping! It was a beautiful day to be outside and an even more beautiful day hitting the deals at the Gap Outlet. Jake and I bought a few things there a couple of weeks ago and I apparently signed up for their email list so I got a 20% off coupon that expired today. It was a good shopping day all around! I got 7 long sleeve shirts for the boys for the fall, 2 pairs of crop pants, 2 long sleeved t-shirts and 2 short sleeve polo shirts for $65! I don't always find that many things that I like or that fit so getting the bargains made it even more worthwhile. Bailey also managed to snag a Buzz and Woody shirt at the Disney Store.

I was a little hesitant to drive all the way to our outlets with the boys by myself because I figured they were going to be tired and grumpy. I told Bailey before we got out of the car that we were going to go to 1 store for Mommy and then we would go get a cookie. He was the most well behaved he's been in quite a long time on a shopping trip. He seemed perfectly content just hanging out while I looked for my size on the racks. I think his favorite part was when he got to stand on the bench in the dressing room and sing and dance with the loud, funky music while I tried on my finds. He did get to ride the quarter operated merry go round and a Thomas the Tank Engine ride.

On the way back over the mountain, they both fell asleep. In my effort to let them sleep as long as they could, I rolled the back windows down in the van and left them in the van in the garage until they woke up. Maverick woke up first and then Bailey woke up a little while later when Jake opened the garage door to pull his car in after work.

I forgot that I took these pictures of the boys playing outside one day this week. Several days of temps in the 70s have made our playing outside a necessity! The boys almost always need a bath after they come in from digging in our half gravel back yard. Maverick thinks he's big stuff now that he can play outside with his big brother. Bailey didn't want Maverick in the house with him at first, but after Maverick got out a couple of times, he kept begging him to come back inside to play. He loves his "Bro Cole!"


Karen said...

I can't IMAGINE the weather like that right now! We have almost a foot of snow! (It will get up to 50tomorrow, but then drop to the 20s by Monday night!) I'm ready for spring... or maybe we should come visit!

Grammy said...

I love the pictures of them playing outside. We found them two more outfits this week on sale. They could start their own second-hand store!! No wonder you dress them alike, they are so different in looks they have to have some way to show people they go together.

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