Thursday, March 13, 2008

Funnier in Person

We've had great weather here in El Paso today. When it's nice, there's no reason for the boys to have to hang out inside so I try to let them play outside. For some reason, Bailey doesn't spend a ton of time jumping in his Thomas Bouncer, but he likes for it to be turned on and full of air just in case he gets the notion. I think he just likes the noise!

At one point, I walked out to check on them and get Maverick a hippo to push on the porch when a huge gust of wind swept through the backyard, lifting the Thomas Bouncer and its motorized air pump off the ground. All I could do was grab the cord and hold on for dear life. (mental picture of me holding onto a power cord with flying child bouncer attached like a kite). I immediately yelled for Jake who told me to turn it off, but I wasn't letting go for fear that the entire thing would blow away and across the neighborhood. He had to wrestle the bouncer that had blown onto the pitiful skinny tree they planted in the backyard. Finally he was able to get to the power button on the air pump to turn it off so we could get it under control and off of the now leaning little tree. Meanwhile, Maverick is screaming his head off. I'm sure the sight of the Thomas Bouncer blowing through the air, me screaming for Jake and the 40 mile per hour winds blasting against his 25 lb, 30" body was horrifying. He'll probably be scarred for life.

After this episode, we had to make everyone come inside. There's a grit on my kitchen floor from the sand blown in while the door was open for this fiasco and I feel like I have sand in every crevice of my body - well not every crevice - but most! I wish we had a perpetual video camera going to catch these crazy moments. As I was reading bedtime to stories to Bailey tonight, I had to stop and laugh a few times because I could just imagine how ridiculous I looked holding onto that cord while the bouncer was suspended in mid air!

For some reason all of this just reminded me of the time the pit bull ran into our condo in Fort Mill and Jake locked us in the bedroom, leaving a Papa John's delivery guy to fight off the pit bull.
Read more of that story here.


AMANDA said...

I am laughing our loud! I thought only I had moments that were to funny to believe. I would have paid good money to see this!

Anonymous said...

I am work sitting here laughing so hard that I am crying....I then went to read the pit bull story and that made me laugh even harder!!! I can only imagine!!!

Allison Newman

Sundi said...

While I was reading the pit bull story, I was laughing and snorting (an unfortunate side effect of my laughing) so loud, that I was afraid I was going to wake the kids from their nap!

Karen said...

I re-read that pit bull story and cracked up! SOO funny and then to think of your "kite" I wanted to sing... "Let's go fly a kite"

Grammy said...

I was just thinking of the pit bull story the other day when we decided to get pizza. That poor pizza guy. They couldn't pay me enough to deliver pizza to strangers. I'm sure he tells that story as much as you do!!!

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