Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Terrible Twos

Bailey is making every attempt to be sure he goes out of his year of 2s as terribly as he possibly can and today was just icing on the cake! It's Tuesday and I normally go to the office for a few hours. Today, especially, I had TONS to do and thanks to Bailey's little show he put on this morning all of those things will have to wait until tomorrow!

While on our way to the CDC this morning, Bailey fell asleep. Apparently he had a late night last night and an early morning so at 10am he needed a nap! Wonderful! I knew getting to his class would be an adventure to say the least. When he got out of the car, he refused to walk on his own two legs and to make matters worse, Maverick acted like he had never walked a day in his life, too! So here I go trying to carry Bailey and drag Maverick across the parking lot into the CDC. We didn't make it past the curb before I turned the truck around and back into the car we all went. In the midst of getting him to get back in the car, I said all those things to him that only moments later every mom regrets the "I'm going to make the rest of the day miserable for you" or "You're going to wish you had just gone to school." I know my 'mean mom face' was displayed as ugly as it could be!

Even now as I type this, he's still sitting in time out for yanking his backpack out of Maverick's white knuckle grip. He's been released from time out, but in his little mind whining and complaining about having to get your diaper changed is better than a clean diaper and the freedom to play. I have no idea how his little 2 year old mind works.

The truth of the matter is that lots of Bailey's issues are directly related to his lack of sleep or naps. Today, after we had spent the morning without a TV on and had eaten lunch, I told him it was time to take a nap. He pouted a little on his way to his room, but not long after, I found him like this.

I do know that it doesn't matter ho ugly I am to him, he still loves me and wants to sit on my lap or have me play his favorite puzzles with him. That's as unconditional as it gets here on earth, in my opinion.

I'm not proud of my 'mean mom face' and it'll haunt me for days, but I'm not a perfect mother and never will claim to be. I do want my children to be obedient, Godly men when they grow up and I'll try to achieve that goal at whatever it costs me.


Karen said...

I've been there many times!

Sundi said...

Like Karen, I have so been there! Like yesterday. I know you're a great mom and your kiddos know it, too! We all have these hard days and I think they help make us and our kids better in the long run!

GE is me said...

Jen, I feel your pain, sista'! I keep saying the girls will be lucky to make it to their 3rd birthday; so with a week left to do it in I think it just might happen! And they haven't been on e-bay yet either :) close a few times, but then they usually give me that big hug/smile & say "I love you, momma!" Gets me every time!
God Bless, -Gail

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