Friday, March 21, 2008

Pictures for Grammy

Yesterday was Easter/Birthday box day in El Paso. I was instructed by my mother to take pictures of the boys in one of the matching outfits and camo Easter baskets she sent. She did admit that she knew that would be a difficult task and was willing to accept 2 separate pictures. This morning we had photo shoot #1. These are some of the results!

Bailey's thoughts - "Take it fast Mom because this is as good as it gets, trust me!"

Maverick's thoughts - "Hey Bro - what's in the camo bag that I can try to pry out of your fat hands later on because we'll never just share our candy and toys with each other!"Maverick's thought - "Hey, what's this at my feet? I'm sure not taking my hands off this sippy cup or paci to find out. I'll just kick it until it rolls down the steps and everything's laying on the floor. Just one more thing for mommy to pick up. She's used to it."

Bailey's thought - "Ha Ha! This photo shoot is going down hill fast and Maverick never smiled. I'll look like the good kid for this one. Maybe that'll score me a piece of bunny candy."

Hope these work, Grammy!


Grammy said...

These pictures are so cute. And I especially love the insight into what they were thinking as you took these.

AMANDA said...

I love planned photo shoots, they never work like you want. Let me know when you want to go to Hamricks, and me and my kiddos will tag along to the super cool playground.

Karen said...

SOOO funny! You did pretty good... they both were in the picture. That's a good one if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

I know your pain. But sometimes it's worth the laugh for everyone else. I love the captions, it made it that much funnier!

Happy Birthday to Bailey today!


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