Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday (on Wednesday)

Sorry for this being posted a day late. Yesterday was a busy day!
1) Spending one last dinner with our friends the Rutledges who will be moving next week to Burleson. God brought Sundi into my life just when I needed a good friend. She's been that to me for now and I pray God will grow our friendship even more as they venture into the great unknown called God's plan for their lives!
2) My friend the Old Navy card and purchasing a few 'fat' summer clothes to get me through a few months. I tried not to purchase too many clothing items last year because I didn't expect to be at this same weight again, but I've not been a diet success story this year so I just bit the bullet! I am a little miffed that for the first time since I've been a cardholder, I was not randomly selected to receive the stuff and save 20% off bag.
3) Seeing Maverick's smiling face on the big buggy at the CDC the past 2 days when I've gone to pick him up. Bailey loved his buggy rides at fbcfm so the buggy always reminds me of Bailey's days with the Mathises in the 1s room. Bailey got special privilege and got to stay on the buggy for every trip that was made because he threw such a hissy when they tried to get him off.
4) Bailey using his precious little manners. He's very good at saying "No thank you."
5) Hair color in a do it yourself bottle and an LT who's not too much of a man to help apply the last bit! He used to pull my hair through a cap to highlight it until it got too long for either of us to survive that agony one more time.
6) My 'second to none' (that's what his guys in his battery call him) LT husband who packed my bag for our trip for me last night. I feel highly disorganized going into this trip, but there's always Hamricks, Old Navy and Target for when I need that one thing that I forgot or the shoes I'm already planning to purchase when we get there. What's a vacation without shopping?
7) Getting to watch Polar Express when it's 90 degrees outside. "Hot hot ho we've got it" Nothing like hearing "You better watch out" in April!
8) Possibly having a diagnosis for Bailey's food related break out - could be red or yellow dye. Thanks Ashley!
9) Too much to do and not enough time to do it!
10) Anticipating 4 hours on a plane with 2 children, 3 and under, and their daddy. I've been told there will be no drama allowed on this trip! Apparently Jake and I have never travelled and me not gotten in a tiz about something. I guess I have a track record. My last trip with the boys alone was quite a doozy!


Ashley said...

I ran into "Gi-Gi" at the consignment sale this afternoon. She was buying toys and getting ready for you guys to arrive. I hope tomorrow goes smoothly, see ya soon!

Grammy said...

I just booked a motel room for Friday night. Can't wait to see all of you. I hope GG & Paw are ready for this invasion.

Anonymous said...

GG & Paw are so ready!!!! I am warning you. I am so emotional right now. Knowing that in 24 hours I will get to see my family again and that Josh will be out of Afghanistan in a matter of days is just about more than I can stand. Sooooo if I fall apart in the middle of the Atlanta airport just take me by the arm and drag me to the car. I got some good stuff at the sale so get on that plane and get here. I got go clean the bath rooms and get the rest of the stuff out of the attic. Be safe!!!
I love you all!!


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