Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

1) LT has been home for 4 days! Gotta love the Army for 4 day holiday weekends.

2) Bailey's complete fearlessness of the pool at our friends' house yesterday. The little fish needs to take swimming lessons or I'll be an absolute wreck with him near pools!

3) I currently have a headache from the depths - I think I'm supposed to be thankful for that, too, right?

4) Two little boys who are full of energy and excitement over just about everything. If only some of their energy could rub off on me some how.

5) LT just handed me a hot cup of decaf coffee. I think I'll keep him!

6) Coming home from work to the sound of my new little vacuum.

7) 15 minutes alone in a tanning bed! The children have done a doozy on my ability to get nice and brown during the summer. Oh the freedom of just going tanning whenever before we were blessed with them.

8) The no hassle replacement treadmill we got yesterday when 2 screws broke on our other one. Apparently that's a common occurance on these things. I'm heavy, but not that heavy!

9) The smell of lighter fluid and charcoal and the steaks that came with those lovely smells. I really do like the smell of a lighter fluid started fire!

10) Making sure we retrieve all trains necessary for a good night's sleep. Why is a tub of metal trains in the bed so comforting? Ask my 3 year old! I'm sure he has some explanation.

1 comment:

sharon said...

You certainly are blessed with your boys...You sound like you have fun with them. Lovely list!

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