Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wow Wow Wednesday

I haven't really had the energy lately to discover new websites so I'll just pass along a blog that some of my friends do called Recipeasy. 4 friends with ties to Life Action blog their favorite recipes. Some of them look really yummy and many of them I've actually eaten at some point in my life. Check it out and try a new recipe courtesy of the 4 who know family friendly cooking!

In other news, the boys and I went to the splash park here on post for the first time this season. The boys thoroughly enjoyed it, but I spent our entire visit watching over Maverick. I think he loves the water more than Bailey! He liked just sticking his face down in the water. After watching Bailey go down the big slide a few times, he decided he should try it, too. The first time he climbed up the steps, he just sat at the top and big kids stepped over him. I rescued him, but he hadn't given the slide its last chance yet. A little while later, he climbed back up the ladder, backed his legs into the slide and went down feet first on his belly. He continued this little routine over and over and over. We'll be enrolling these 2 in swimming lessons before the end of the summer!

1 comment:

Grammy said...

You loved the water as a kid, too. I guess they come by it honestly. I always made you wear the little swim rings on your arms, though, so it wasn't so hard to keep your head above water.

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